Monday, November 25, 2013

Week One in the Mission

First, about m missionary plaque, go ahead and put Ether 12:4 on it. It's a scripture I've come back to many times on the mission so far, and it pretty much goes hand in hand with why I'm here and what message I want to share with others. You got a name from Peru in the temple? That's cool! I got one from Germany once here in the Lima temple. And another time, Hermana R got one with my birthday! Woot woot!

Yeah, I heard about the typhoon in the Philippines! That's nuts! I also heard some stories of the missionaries there. Crazy stories, but they all ended up being okay. Yep, the Lord looks out for us. Fun fact, in a park today, we had a mini earthquake. Like, mini mini. Just a tremble. We had at least one of those in the CCM as well, but it was during the night and I slept through it. I went to see some Incan architecture today too! That was pretty cool! I'll have to send pictures next time. No time today. :(

So, Peru has some pretty spastic birds. They're annoying. First of all, a bunch of them hoot all the live long day like owls. Also, their flapping is so loud. There are some that like to run around and freak out on the top of our roof. They're loud. Oh, funny story: this week I was working out outside our room (our apartment is just a room with a bathroom), and I saw a couple birds freaking out, fly away, and one of them lost a bunch of feathers, flew into a window on a nearby house, fell and died. All really fast. Well, I'm pretty sure it died. Both thumps, hitting the window and hitting the ground, were loud so....yeah. Okay, maybe that's not such a funny story. Kinda morbid. ...Well, no. If you saw it, you probably would've laughed. Also, there are a million and five dogs here.  Hahaha the other day, a 17 year old girl in the ward, Nicole, was wearing a shirt English. Misspelled English too. It had a picture of a bike and it said, "I love my bicyle, I love the bicyle, let me so freely so happy, do you have yourself?" Que en el mundo?! Also, everyday here there are men, usually in cars, who either wolf whistle at us, make kissy noises at us, or hiss at us. Literally everyday. In the CCM, Hermana E said she heard that the hissing means something along the lines of them wanting you for prostitution or something. Welp...ew. It's nothing though. You just don't look at them. And nothing's ever happened. It's a common thing here. Oh I met a really cute little 5 year old girl yesterday at a member family's home for lunch. Her name's Abish, like from the Book of Mormon! By the way, I haven't had church here yet. Church was cancelled yesterday because yesterday was some sort of Peruvian election. So, next week!

I want to punch Spanish in the face. I get so frustrated with it. All the time. My 3rd day here we ate at a member's house, and I was so jealous of their 2 year old daughter. She spoke so well! My companion tries to help me understand things the best she can. And I'm grateful for that.

Hahaha this is funny: so the ward has English classes on...Thursday nights I believe? And at this last one, I felt like the teacher (some man from Canada) was making things a little hard to understand, or things weren't really proper, so I chimed in in English and tried to help. Well, one of the members at the class said he thinks I sound like Princess Diana. I've heard this before. Not the Princess Diana thing, but that apparently I sound British. way. I do not sound British. I asked Hermana R about that, and she said, "Well, maybe not British, but you just sound very proper." I've actually gotten that a lot. Not just here, but in life in general. We had a great lesson with a non member family (unfortunately they don't live in the area. They were just visiting a lady we teach). But I got to participate and the Spirit was totally there! My Spanish wasn't perfect, but I could tell they felt the Spirit. It really is the universal language. We were going to give them a BoM too, but we didn't have one on us at the moment. I still feel guilty about that because right before we left the house, I almost brought a BoM, but thought, "No, my companion always has some." Always hearken to spiritual promptings people! No matter how small!

Ah, I feel like I have so much more to share, but I didn't get to it this time. Also, I have to send you pictures next time. Sorry for doing this again. I just have no time. But I promise next time!

I love you all.
Hermana Hymas


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