Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 6


Oh, mama. Le amo mucho. So, I left for the field yesterday morning. Oh. my. gosh. I'm only on my second day in, and I am super overwhelmed and scared and yeah. I'm actually writing from a member's home right now. Okay, so soooo many emotions. I'll get to that in a minute though. Oh by the way, my P-days are Monday now. But I get to write you today since I didn't get to yesterday.
Proselyting on Saturday. Such a great experience. I had a Latina companion from Colombia named Hermana A. Again, knows no English. She was cool. And she let me teach! Yay! We had a good conversation on the bus to....dang it, I cannot remember the name of where we served that day. It started with a B... Anyway, she's 26, loves American names, has a list of like 20 names she's considering for her future children. American names. Haha I thought that was funny. Her top boy and girl names are Derek and Allison. Probably spelled Alison though, but still, shout out to Allison! She also loves music, so I asked if she knows any American music, and she said she only knows Avril Lavigne's Complicated and Sk8er Boy. She started singing Complicated because she was trying to tell me which ones she knew, and so I joined in, then other Hermana's heard us, joined in as well. Then out of nowhere, 2 Elders sitting behind me bust in, singing, "WHY'D YOU HAVE TO GO AND MAKE THINGS SO COMPLICATED!" Naturally, we were all surprised, so we stopped and turned to see which Elders were singing. They stopped because they were doing a duo. Then in English, with a funny Latino accent, one of the Latinos said "Sisters...what happened?!" It was funny. But yeah, it was fun to go out proselyting. We met with a couple less actives with a local grandma member and her 6 year old granddaughter. The 6 year old girl was cute, but NOISY! I swear, Satan didn't want anyone to hear our messages. We first contacted this really friendly police man who said he wants to come to our church but doesn't have time right now because of his work. Of course I didn't catch any of that because my Spanish is still bad and he mumbled, so I found out all of this after we left. I was pretty mad we didn't go back and get his information. I kept telling my group we should go back, but they insisted not to. Ugh, it made me mad. But oh well. Then we met with a lady who's active but her children are not. She also has some health problems, so we got to talk about enduring to the end and what that means. Then we met with a less active woman and talked about the importance of church. I got to share my testimony, a scripture, and a personal story. I asked my comp how I did afterwards, and she said very good! Although she's really nice, so... But I was struggling with my Spanish a bit that day, so when I started talking I was slow and struggling to find a word or two. Then the lady was like, "You can speak in English if you want." I was like, what the... Yeah, she knows some English. I only said like 1 or 2 words in English, then I just spewed out Spanish. My comp said she was shocked. And proud. She said my Spanish was fast and perfect. I still have a hard time believing that, but whatevs. I also didn't understand much of what was being spoken after I reminded my comp to extend a commitment, so when we left in another mototaxi (rode 2 that day. still scary.) I asked my comp if the lady had a way to get to church the next day (she committed to coming). She said no, but she said she's sure she'll come because I did such a good job with inviting the Spirit. I was like, well I hope so, but I don't know if it'll happen. She could just say she'll go, but not actually go, ya know? Anyway, I wonder how that turned out.
Okay, so feelings lately. I feel way inadequate here. I honestly don't know how I'm gonna do it. Sometimes I just want to cry. I don't understand much. I don't speak much. Everything's such an adjustment. Oh man. I met the Borg's yesterday. Presidente's cool. His wife is awesome! I love her already. Oh and you know that one girl's blog you look at sometimes? I met her too. Talked with her this morning actually. She's in my zone. Also, my CCM companion, Hermana R is in my district. She and her comp live right below us. My companion is Hermana N from Peru. Iquitos area, pero I don't remember exactly where. She's nice and patient with me. We taught a couple people last night and we're teaching a few tonight too. I nervous about that, since I have to teach some things. I just feel kinda awful right now. I don't know how I'm gonna do this. And I just really, really want to be able to teach and express myself and say whatever I want in Spanish! Dad was right, it's kinda a lonely time right now. It stinks. I just don't want these feelings for a long time, pero no se. It could happen. Oh, and I'm in a really nice part of the city right now. Some parts, not so nice, but for the most part, it's nice. Can't remember the name of it right now though...haha. And I don't have time to send pics today, so Monday I promise!
It was sad saying goodbye to everyone at the CCM. I keep thinking about my friends and how they're doing in their missions. Mainly in Iquitos and Cuzco. It was way fun talking and laughing with everyone the night before we all left though. Two of the Hermanas came into my room to say goodbye to me at 2am yesterday morning. I was way out of it, so that must have been funny. But yeah, I miss them and talking to them (especially in English) so much. I just miss my CCM life so much right now. I wonder if they're scared and struggling like me and Hermana R are. I'm sure they have the same feelings right now. I pray for them. I'm starting to do this thing where I pray for specific people, but also talk about why they're awesome and what impact they've had on my life. Just kinda thanking Heavenly Father for the gifts I've seen in these people. Yeah, I guess relationships are important to me. Very, actually. I realize how grateful I am for all those who have walked into my life. Friends and family. Especially grateful for such an amazing family. That's very flattering that you want to be more like me. Like, you don't even know. Thanks, Mom.
Oh guess what! Elder RUSSELL M. NELSON, Elder C. Scott Grow, and Elder Rasband and their wives came to the CCM to speak to us on Friday! I since we're such a small MTC, we all got to meet them! So I shook all their hands! Pretty cool! I'm also pretty sure Elder Nelson smiled at me and looked me in the eyes a few times during the meeting. I was only in the 3rd row. And we ran into Elder Rasband at the mission office yesterday too! Anyway, I was beaming during the whole meeting on Friday. It was crazy good and the Spirit was strong. I for some reason especially felt the Spirit with something Elder Rasband talked about. He talked about how they visited the Lima temple and ran into Presidente Borg and a missionary, Elder W who I met yesterday (he flew home yesterday too). Elder W was there to see a family he taught go through the temple together. I hear stories like this all the time, but for some reason, this one really hit me. I started tearing up, and I just kept thinking to myself, "This is why I am here." Oh! And Elder Russell M. Nelson is so cool and so funny! The funniest thing he said was, "I want you all to learn Spanish if you speak English, English if you speak Spanish, and I want you to learn the language of the Lord. If you can become trilingual in English, Spanish, and Lordish....that might've been sacrilegious, I don't know." Haha. Man, that was such a good day.
I have to go! But talk to you next week! And keep me in your prayers! Especially for my safety (almost got hit by a car today) and my health (lots of missionaries get sick from the food here). Also, just because I need some prayers. I need some comfort right now. Oh, I got a blessing from one of the Elders in my district before leaving the CCM! That was really nice. It was very much for me, too. So awesome how much Heavenly Father knows us personally.
Much love, ya'll!
Hermana Hymas
P.S. - Congrats to Dylan and to Sienna!

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  1. Love reading her letters! I'll remember her in my prayers.