Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 4

Aw it's always nice to know that people are praying for me. I got a nice little email from Grandma and Grandpa and Sienna Hawkins and a nice little dearelder.com letter from Aunt Kelly on Sunday. I love it when people write me! I don't have too much time to write today because I have to leave right after this and go into the LIMA CENTRAL MISSION for migration work! So excited to go see it. I'll send pics next week. Some friends from other districts went on Tuesday and they came back and were like "Your mission's so cool!" So I'm excited to go see it. Unfortunately today is pretty cloudy, so that stinks, but yeah, should be fun! It's not always cloudy here like I thought it would be. It's usually cloudy and cold in the morning, but around 1pm, it warms up a lot. It actually gets pretty hot and sunny. It's usually pretty beautiful, at least where I am. Blue skies and sunshine. We're all getting darker (except for the Latinos obviously haha). I don't tan very easily, so I don't feel like I'm that much darker, but I probably am compared to when I first came here. I've got a nice watch tan-line going on. Oh, so when a bunch of other people went to migration on Tuesday, my companion had to go do it too for some reason, so I had no companion and had to stay with the elders in my district for a few hours until they all got back. The elders in my district are all so funny. Since I was the only girl with them, they decided to surround me as I walked (they only did this for like a minute, but it was funny), and held their ears like they were my secret service and had earpieces, and kept saying things like, "Okay we need someone on the front left! Front left! There could be a sniper!" There are also so so so so many hilarious things they do and say, I'll have to write them down and tell you some other time. Elder A probably makes me laugh the most.
Wow! Sounds like everyone's doing well! Good for Brian for almost being done with his Eagle! And congrats for Allison getting a new publisher! Good luck!
Things are actually getting better with my companion. I've come to learn that we are different people, but there are really great things about her and we help each other out. We were actually talking about this yesterday. The past few days have been hard for me. I'll get into that later. But my companion is like the best listener and the most supportive person ever. She's been down as well a few times, but she said she's grateful for me because she said I make her laugh every day. Oh how I love making people laugh here haha! And just making people laugh in general. It's way fun. I'm gonna miss the people here so much when we leave in a couple weeks. My comp, my Hermana friends, and I were all talking last night, and we just all get along so well and laugh and have fun so much! Hahaha okay, so this is a couple weeks old, but I thought it was funny: This is gonna sound a little sketchy, but I promise it's not. One time at lunch, we were talking about weird things we could do with our tongues (roll it, flip it over, 4 leaf clover, touch it to nose, etc.). I was the only one who could do all of them, so Hermana F goes, "Wow you have a pretty talented tongue." Then Hermana E just says, "Hehe, gift of tongues..."
So lately, I've been really bothered by the fact that I feel like I haven't been able to feel the Spirit like, once here. Or at least not that I can remember. I'm like, am I doing something wrong? It sounds silly, but it really bothered me, and I felt jealous of others who did feel the Spirit. I talked with a couple friends about it, and they feel the same way though. Hermana L's actually the best. She and I had a nice little chat and she's a really great, loving friend. So Sunday was pretty good though. We had testimony meeting, and I thought to myself maybe I'll feel better if I share my testimony, because sometimes that happens. So I did. Actually a couple times since our whole RS  was a testimony meeting too. I don't know if I really felt the Spirit, but what I got out of it was just feeling so grateful. So much. For everything. Everything I have, everything I've been given, the chance to serve a mission, being a Mormon, etc. So that was nice. And then we watched an MTC devotional by Elder Bednar and it was perfect for me. Honestly, every devo we've heard so far has been exactly what I need at that moment. He basically just talked about the Spirit and how it's not always this big thing. Sometimes the Spirit speaks to you and you don't even know it. He gave 3 life experiences about that. I know, perfect for how I was feeling, right? He said, keep the commandments, be a good boy/girl, and the Spirit will guide you.
Proselyting was so great! I went to Santa Fe in the Lima North Mission, and was split from my newbee companion. I went out with a female member and the local bishop. They talked a lot to the less actives we visited, so I ended up asking them if I could please share a message or a testimony or something. They said sure, so I got to share my testimony of the Church and how it makes me feel with a less active. That was pretty cool. But what I loved was the fact that I was able to speak to the member and bishop I was with the whole time! In Spanish too since they didn't know any English! That was way cool. On our way back to the CCM, Hermana F said this time she felt it was more like "Wow, look at how much Spanish I actually know!" I had to agree. That's exactly how I felt. Oh and have you seen pics of the houses in Peru that are built into the mountains? A lot are colorful. Yeah, well I got to go up into those on Saturday! One of the less actives lives up there.  Oh! I got to ride in 3 mototaxi's that day! I'm sending pics. It looks like I motor bike meets an American smart car. And I've told you about the streets here. It was friggin terrifying to ride in those little things. We were just a hair away from hitting everything on the road. You know that scene in the 3rd Harry Potter where he's on the night bus and they're weaving in and out of everything really fast and just barely missing everything on the road. That's exactly what it was like. What an experience though!
Hermana Hymas

Pics: The view from up the mountain; Me and the member, Hermana D, I was with;  Houses up the mountain; The family's youngest daughter (if you zoom in on the mug she's holding, it should be a Spanish version of a mug I think we have at home!); Up the mountain we go!; More houses;


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