Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 3

Ah! Emails make me so so so happy! Yeah, I actually got your package on Friday! So it only took about a week to get here. It's not against the rules, you just have to be careful when sending stuff here. I worry about it too. Today I bought Brian, David, and Dad something. I don't know if I should say what they are. But they're really really popular among all the elders here. I'm wondering if I should try to send them, or if I should hang on to them until I come home. I've heard other missionaries say they'd rather hang onto things rather than send them. Yay for Sienna!!!! That's awesome! As for Jeannie and Lindsay's letters, uh, yeah I guess you can still send them to me. I haven't had time to read them yet though. I can probably file them away or something though. Best of luck to Hailey as she waits for her visa! Hey! The Vernon's are in the Houston Mission! Is she there speaking English? Hey, Pittsburgh, huh? That sounds fun! What did you all do there?
I'm loving the CCM. Yeah, I think part of that is that it's more intimate. You feel like you know everyone. There's only ever like 170-180 missionaries maximum here at one time. It's all very fun. I love the different experiences we get here too, just being in Peru. Like going out on the streets to teach on Saturdays, or just getting to speak with natives everyday. Spanish is rough. My biggest problem is with conjugations. It's hard to get it down, but I'm still progressing. We have a second investigator now. Her name's Z. She's my morning teacher. Things have been going well with her so far. She committed to coming to church with us, and we teach her on Thursday next, so we'll have to follow up with that. But, she and her boyfriend live together and have a son, so we're gonna have to teach her about the law of chastity next. We'll see how that goes. Yay. There's actually a song that a lot of the missionaries sing around here that gets stuck in your head. You won't know the tune until I can talk to you, but it just goes, "Castidad, castidad, castidad!!  We taught our district a lesson on the attributes of Christ in English on Sunday. There's a new batch of Latinos and Americans here, but I don't really know them. A bunch of Americans and all of the Latinos are leaving on Saturday, which is earlier than they were supposed to leave, so when we go out to teach on saturday, my group will be the most "experienced" missionaries. That's scary. I might be leading a newbee missionary. This might sound silly, but pray for my safety. There are car/bus crashes everyday here. And shady people. And we hear sirens quite a bit a outside the CCM. And we hear stupid birds. Doves or whatever they are. They sound like owls. They hoot all the time. All friggin day. It' so annoying.
Hmm...Christmas. Oh gosh I don't know! If anything, I wouldn't mind a skirt or cardigan or something. Something to add a little more variety. Yeah but I mean, whatever you want to send is fine by me! Not much has happened this week other than studying as always, and we got a new District Leader. Elder L. I am coming to love my district more and more. I have a lot of really hilarious elders in my district.

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