Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Week at the CCM!

Oh my gosh. So much to tell you, but unfortunately today, so little time. So I might only get like 20-30 mins... lame! Oh my goodness...I have never been so jealous of latinos in my life. I'll get to that later. Oh I'm also typing a little slower because their keyboards here are a little weird. So the plane ride. It was great! In Atlanta there were about 6 of us there, but then BAM! 30 missionaries from Utah! Haha. And only like 7 of us were Hermanas. So we get on the plane, I'm sitting next to a man from Ohio who does business in Lima and there are 2 elders behind me. Elder W and Elder H. Both cool, funny guys. So we 3 are talking a bit about church and missionary stuff, and then the guy sitting next to me, J, was like "Are you guys missionaries?" And I was like "Yeah, do you know about mormon missionaries?" So then we just started talking a little, and out of the corner of my eye I see W and H silently freaking out behind me. Elder H was joking around with me earlier kicking my seat and stuff, so I feel something hitting my arm as I'm talking to J, and then I look, and Elder H's pushing me a Book of Mormon. I thought that was a little funny. There's a time and a place to give out a BoM, so I went into it just letting things happen and not trying to push the book on him. But we had a really great conversation! We talked a lot about just different stuff, I showed him one of my favorite scriptures that ties in really nicely to what we were talking about (Ether 12:4), and I explaned the BoM and what we believe it to be and I drew that picture of the two circles, the bible and the BoM, and how when you add the BoM, it makes a straight line. You know? It was funny, I could see Elder W looking over my shoulder and watching me and listening to our conversation. So the whole conversation flowed really nicely and he accepted the book! Then Elder W went and told all the missionaries on tha plane and said I was famous for placing a BoM already. Too bad that was in English haha. So yeah. I've been here only a week, but it feels like it's been at least a month. Soooo much happening each day! I've made some really great friends here! Those two Elders are 2 of them, but there are a few Hermanas that I really enjoy talking with and hanging out with. Stinks none of them are in my mission, or in my district. We see each other at meals and anytime we can hang out together. So that's fun. My companion and I share our room with 2 other hermanas that have been here for 3 weeks. They're okay.
Oh, so this is kinda funny. Yesterday during a volleyball game, I jokingly called Elder W Satan, so he keeps bugging me about that. Apparently he was talking about it a little to his district, and Hermana E, one of my friends, was trying to say that she thinks I'm really funny in Spanish, but instead of saying comica (sp?), she said comeda (sp?). Anyway, she called me food. Oh and the food is...interesting. Sometimes it's way good, sometimes, well...yeah. Haha there was this one time they gave us this apple filling filled churro thing with our meal and it was AMAZING!!!! It was like Christmas to us Americans.
AHHH! There's so much I want to say! So little time! I might not get to Brian and Jeannie's emails this week :( So you'll have to let them know. But I still love them! Yeah, the weather's been pretty much the same. Sometimes we have blue skies, but that might just be for an afternoon. And it ranges. Sometimes it's pretty hot (like today), and sometimes it's pretty cool. Oh the Spanish.... I don't even know where to start. Yes, church is in Spanish, but only some meetings. Sometimes the latinos and the North Americans (what they call us here) split up. The only stressful thing though is that we have to prepare a short talk every week because you never know if they'll call you up from the pulpit to speak. Scary. Sunday was awesome! Partly because we didn't have classes and I got to be with my friends. We also watched an awesome devotional Elder Bednar gave on Christmas in 2011...I think...not sure... But yeah, it. was. so. incredibly. good. LOVED IT! Spanish has been hard though. Prayers for my learning the language would be appreciated. Especially for my retention rate. I swear I have like a 1 minute retention rate. We taught our first investigator, L, yesterday. Como se dice 'That was rough' en EspaƱol? Because that was rough. Ah well. A phrase we hear a lot here is 'Poco a poco'. Little by little. Which is fine. I get frustrated with Spanish, but I've already learned so much. I'm currently working on memorizing the first vision. But I can say simple phrases in Spanish, and I can pray in Spanish! We learned that on the second day. It's always so satisfying when I can hold a small conversation with a latina. They are so patient with us haha. Another phrase used a lot here, like all the time, is "Que es esto?" What is this? Again, we don't always know what we're eating. Oh hey! I ate that weird looking fruit we saw online! The one that looks like an alien! You kinda drink it/slurp it. Anyway it was good. Sort of tasted like orange jello.
I'm glad I'm here in Peru. It's interesting being here instead of the Provo MTC. 'MTC' here is 'CCM', by the way. I went to the temple today! We go every P-day I think. It's in the Lima East Mission, so I won't be able to go when I'm in the field. It was all in Spanish! There were parts where we were given headphones that translated for us though. It was such a cool experience. It's cool to see how the church is the same everywhere. We take a bus to and from the temple though and wow. Okay, so you are packed and I mean PACKED into those things like sardines. You feel like you are violating mission rules because you literally could not get any closer to everyone around you. Such a small bus, sooooo many people. Then we went into Lima to explore and shop and stuff. That was kinda cool. First of all, it was HOT. And Lima's basically just like a bigger, grungier NYC. Tons of people, tons of honking taxis, the only thing is, you have to be careful crossing the street because cars and buses don't stop for you. You don't have the right of way, the car does. So you could easily get hit.
Want to know what else is cool about being here? Real investigators from Lima will sometimes come to the CCM to get taught by us. Cool and scary. Something else that's cool and scary: this Saturday, I will be going out on the streets of Lima to teach. Yeah. We'll see how that goes. I'll tell you all out it next week, but I have to go now!
I love you all! Can't wait to talk to you next week!
Hermana Hymas

The Peru CCM

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